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Brazilian Quartzites

The Brazil´s Quartzite Flooring Leader.


The Santa Marta company is the greatest brazilian quartzite quarry in the Goiás state, and our constant search for service excellence and continuous renwal of the your product line, comes earning the respect of brazilian and international organizations, Raising the name of brasilian stone to the place that your beauty demand.


Why to choose Santa Marta Green Quartzite

As the Santa Marta Quartzite is naturally beautiful , durable, skidproof, resistance to heavy traffic, thermal and practical covering, the number of architects, decorators, garden designers and engineers who choose it for the finish of their work increases every day. Showing a large variety of combinations, from the simple to the luxurious, in gardens, offices, rooms, clubs, fitness rooms, sidewalks, balconies, or in any imaginable place, the Santa Marta Quartzite makes the difference.

Responsible soy in the brazilian quarry.

In response to this threat, The Nature Conservancy is working with soy quarry workers on the Responsible Soy Project, an initiative that has the potential to conserve the next quarry place of this important and beautiful ecoturist brazilian region

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Brazil - Pirenópolis - Goiás

The " Spring Green" Brazil´s Quartzite , the colors of the spring printed in the Brazilian rocks for the proper nature.

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We will publish, some tips to construction worker .

When it comes to natural stone,

The Santa Marta Green is considered a high level world quartzite, because it's , shine, cristallization and resistance, with soft colors.

  • External Area Flooring
  • Internal Area Fooring
  • Antiskid Flooring
  • Gandens and Landscapes
  • Wall Covering
  • Swimming pools Covering
  • Patios Covering
  • Sidewalks Covering
  • Rustic Walls
  • Mozaico
  • Texture Mozaico
  • Ornamental Rocks
  • Rocks for Cascades
  • Rocks for Gardens